Peggy O'Neal

Over the past 30 years, Peggy O’Neal has coached and led trainings for individuals and leaders in the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Canada, Russia, Australia, Germany and Singapore. 

She is a Certified Integral Master Coach, a transformational trainer and a recognized expert in personal development, communication, sales, management, conscious leadership, organizational culture and business development. 

She is a featured contributor to the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation. She was a Lifespring Advanced Course Trainer and leading Center Manager.

Originally an attorney, Peggy held positions as an Assistant Attorney General and Arkansas State Purchasing Director for Bill Clinton when he was Attorney General and Governor, respectively. She also worked in President Clinton’s administration for the Federal Labor Relations Authority. 

Peggy is dedicated to people awakening to who they truly are and living with love, peace and fulfillment as the foundation.  

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