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What You Get...
 6-months of weekly group coaching calls with world-class international Trainers
 Comprehensive immersion in mastering the distinctions of transformational technologies
 Access to a license to offer and lead Triton's Odyssey Experience Program to your network
 Ongoing operational support from Triton's training and technical experts (including access to all our marketing pages and funnels). 
 Earn a "Contextual Coach" certification from Global Coaching Federation, an internationally recognized coaching authority.
Is the Business of Transforming the World Right for You?
Are you one of those people who feel a deep passion for contributing to the lives of others through training and coaching? Are you attracted to the idea and challenge of developing your listening and speaking in such a way that you can move and inspire a roomful of people? 

You've done the training. You've transformed your life. You've integrated your transformation into every aspect of your life. Now, you want transformation to be your life. While the transformational training and coaching business isn't for everyone, a select few hear a loud and compelling call to share the power of transformation with the world. 

If you are one of those people who just can't shake the desire to deliver transformation as your living, Triton's Trainer & Coach Leadership Program (TCLP) is the premier train-the-trainer/coaching certification program available in the marketplace. 
Are You Ready to Step Up Your Coaching Game?
During the 6-months of TCLP, you will develop yourself as a master of transformational technology, coaching, and training. You will be mentored and trained by two of the best in the business. 

Triton Managing Partner, John Hanley, Jr., is a world-renowned transformational philosopher and coach with over 30 years of international training experience. He has trained hundreds of trainers from apprentice to expert. He is the author of Full-Tilt Boogie: Essential Coaching For Living Full-Blast and In Love With It All: How To Create a Meaningful Life.

Landon Carter is a legend in the field of personal and business transformation. Beginning his career as one of the most prominent and influential Erhard Seminar Training (EST) instructors, Landon has over 50 years of international training experience. He is the author of Living Awake: The Practice of Transforming Everyday Life.
Are You Ready to Bet on Yourself?
You may be an established coach -- ready to add a substantive "transformational" process to your practice...

You may be someone aspiring to get in the business of training and coaching -- and you don't know where to start, until now...

While life offers many investment opportunities, there's nothing more empowering and exciting than betting on yourself by creating your own entrepreneurial path...

By completing TCLP you will fortify yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and lead transformational trainings and coach a diverse range of clients. 

You will earn a "Contextual Coaching" certification from the Global Coaching Federation, as well as a license to lead Triton's flagship program, The Odyssey Experience. 

TCLP will guide you to improve your skill-set very quickly and powerfully. For experienced trainers, you will deepen your understanding and ability to contribute to others in the transformational space. 

For pure Life-Mastery Seekers, who may or may not have an interest in transformation as a career, come on board and enjoy the ride of ramping yourself up to a professional level of competence.
What Do Others Say About Apprenticing With Triton?

More Money...

"The best thing I got out of John's coaching is I have more trainings, more people in the trainings, and I make more money."
- Eric Zhu


"TCLP has been a powerful journey in my path towards transformational coaching. I have deepened my connection with myself, sharpened my listening skills, and found clarity from a new standpoint. The Triton Team is supportive, open, and readily available, both with personal coaching as well as with business marketing resources and consulting."
-Judith Valdez


"The amount of resources that have been made available to us is extraordinary and unique. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn with the TCLP Team! I’ve created some amazing results and inspiration to create and design my own coaching program from what I learned in TCLP!"
- Jen Villaruel


"The opportunity has enhanced my coaching and added a transformational component. It has increased my coaching business by 50% and growing. I highly recommend it."
- Sally Kay Miller


"I experienced what it means to be 100%, and take a stand,  I was impressed by John’s vision of transforming the world and was deeply enrolled by him.".
- Natalie Zhao


"This opportunity has enhanced my delivery as a transformational coach, increasing my upgrade from my introduction class to my advanced class by over 40%!"
- Cesar Alvarez Martinez
Who Is John Hanley, Jr.?
Managing Partner, Triton Leadership Coaching
Trainer of Transformational Trainers & Coaches
30-Years Experience as an International Trainer/Coach
John is the Founder of the Triton Trainer & Coach Leadership Program. He empowers talented and caring individuals to live their dream of creating a successful coaching/training business through a proven process taught inside the Trainer & Coach Leadership Program. 

John Hanley, Jr. is an accomplished executive coach, corporate consultant and training professional. He is a Certified Group Facilitator through the American Philosophical Practitioners Association and Certified Training Professional through CompTia, an internationally recognized validation of the knowledge and skills required of a technical training professional.
He has led dynamic multi-day seminars on leadership, communication, teamwork, and sales for over 30,000 participants. He has experience working with groups within the US, Latin America, Europe, Russia, and China. 

Past corporate clients include Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Anthem Insurance, Accenture, and Ernst & Young. Individual executive coaching clients include university presidents, corporate vice-presidents, artists, novelists, and small-business owners.

John has trained and mentored over 250 training instructors from novice to expert ability. He wrote and directed the educational film, Finding My Way, and invented numerous original training modules currently in use around the world. 

John graduated from the University of Southern California and earned a Master’s of Arts degree in philosophy from New York University.
Who Is Landon Carter?
Landon works with both corporate and individual clients, as a coach, trainer, consultant, and mentor. His emphasis is on empowering people, teams, and corporations to be able to clarify and create what they want, measured by both success and satisfaction.
Landon graduated from Yale (BS engineering ’65) and Harvard Business School (MBA finance and manufacturing ’67). He taught at Stanford University’s Business School in Lima, Peru, while in the Peace Corps. In 1972, Landon went to India to study and meditate with Satya Sai Baba, which catalyzed a significant change in life direction. 

In 1973 he joined Erhard Seminars Training (EST) where he was a trainer for the next seven years. During that time he created and managed the intensive, residential 6-Day Course and the Teen program as well as leading the basic training for over 50,000 people. During the 1970s Landon started World Runners, a running club dedicated to ending world hunger. Through marathon run pledges, he personally raised over $1,000,000 to support that cause.

In 1990, Landon turned his attention to the corporate arena and joined Human Factors Inc. as a principal. He was responsible for the Polaroid account and conducted the 5-Day residential executive training program with the 200 top executives of the company (in groups of 12) and then a similar non-residential program with about 1600 employees (in groups of 100). Landon has led trainings with other companies as well, including the senior executive teams of Sony USA and Praecis Pharmaceuticals, and executives of Master Card, AT&T, Kodak, Otis Elevator, Sealand, Tandem Computers and Allianz Life Insurance.

In 1998, Landon immigrated to New Zealand, where he now resides part time. Landon is an avid competitive rower and has won the masters world championship in single sculls as well as nine US masters titles. He is also a glider instructor and power pilot. 

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